The concept of the movie Egregor is built upon the HUNDREDTH MONKEY THEORY. The experiment was carried out in the mid 1970’s by Lawrence Blair and Lyall Watson. It was the result of interest in the phenomenon of similar ideas, which simultaneously crossed people’s minds while being strangers from different parts of the world.

Three islands were inhabited exclusively by Macaques. Sweet potato Yams were given to them. One of the monkeys didn’t want to eat Yams with sand on the first island. It went down to the water and washed the Yam in the seawater. Others on the same island started to copy its action. Not a single monkey was doing it on the other islands. However as soon as the hundredth monkey on the first island washed a Yam, other monkeys from the different islands ran to the water and began to act in exactly the same way.

The experiment proved that the rapid spread of paranormal information in a society from one separate group to another (with at least one hundred individuals) was not only possible but fact.


FRANCE, 1980 - 2000

The theory was explored by one of the oldest European Orders of Light. Members of this Order came to the following conclusion: that a group of people utilising a powerful imagination concentrated in one specific channel are able to create an information field, which in turn will be activated with the help of the hundredth member.

Having reached the critical mass, the field becomes a ‘living spirit’, which influences people’s consciousness. Such an energy field is called - EGREGOR.

With people’s attention appears energy. Where attention goes, energy will follow it. This is one of the basic postulates of quantum physics. Also the uniqueness of saintliness or the ‘miracle working’ of religeous icons has an explanation according to this theory. It also explains the words of Jesus Christ: “Where the three gather for the sake of my name, I will be among them.”

All EGREGORS have an astral connection between them so it became clear to the Order that if it’s possible to create the most powerful EGREGORS on all of the continents, then the hundredth EGREGOR would reach the summit of this power and it would then become possible to influence people all over the world.

Thefore the hundredth EGREGOR must be created with the help of a large number of people gathered at one place being, with one purpose and in a peaceful mood with good intentions. In this way all wars and violence can be stopped. People will gain a new level in evolution, which in turn will transform them into new civilization.

If people’s moods are different or evil people are present, a powerful energy monster will appear closing the circle of EGREGORS around the world to bad effect.

In order to lead the hundredth EGREGOR into the material world, it needs to possess a human body. A ‘Host’. The Light Order has developed both an algorithm and a mechanical process which will allow the hundredth EGREGOR to possess such a body.

At first the ‘chosen one’ (in this case a certain boy) must be killed using an old ritual! Leading his soul into astral travel (with the help of an ‘Initiation Integral’), the soul comes back with an EGREGOR already created in it.


Principles of the integral operation: This will be done at a great speed. From inside the integral machine a pin drops out. The pin contains some form of substance in it. The substance doesn’t kill the astral body, but destroys a physical one. If the astral body is not injured then the physical body can be raised from the dead over the time of five minutes.

However the problem faced by the Light Order was the following: an ordinary boy (due to his small physicalilty) is not able to stand the electromagnetic voltage, which his body is required to accept. That’s why they have decided to search for a boy with the right qualities and the strongest genetics in order to prepare him for the difficult procedure that lies ahead.

After a lot of effort, the Order found the right pregnant woman. She belonged maternally to the chosen Biblical race of Leviticus. She was just what they were looking for. Starting from the very first day of the child’s birth, the Order helped to look after a boy. Everyone waited while he grew up and was getting stronger.

But another Dark Order got to know about the boy and Light Order’s aim. The aim of the Dark Order is to get total control over mankind. If ‘evil’ has the hundredth EGREGOR, it will possess the whole world and soon destroy it.

«Order’s symbol»

«Mask – a part of initiation costume»

The parts of the mechanism for initiating the Egregore’s spirit:


Several symbols of an important secret and esoteric concept were set up on the main square of Ukraine, known to the world as Maidan by some anonymous organizations. All of them are located in the shape of a triangle, and incredible in their scale. It seems that energy processes occur in the area between these symbols.

1. The first symbol is a triumphal column on which the Bereginya (female custodian) is placed.

The word ‘custodian’ (Bereginya) in ancient Slavic culture and religion means a mermaid, or a drowned woman, who died before getting married. Also, it is the only character to which they made sacrifices.

It is a well ¬ known fact that Maidan was built on the swamps. And the custodians of the swamps were local gods known as pagan symbols.

We can also see that the figure is standing on a ball. In all cultures, figures standing on a ball are gods or representatives of the spiritual world. Under the arch there is a big pendulum with a gravitational mechanism, which, according to th official version, is placed there to keep the balance.

However, nobody knows the true purpose of the granite pendulum or what is placed one level below it. Nobody has ever seen it and the entrance there is forbidden.

The granite structure consists of such elements as quartz and silicon. All the computer chips and information storage devices (Flash drives etc) are created with these base elements.

In the film, we will show an underground grotto, where the mechanisms for accumulation of the bioenergy fields generated by a large number of people on the surface, were established by the secret societies.

2. The second symbol is an Archangel which is also placed on an arch, located symmetrically opposite to that of the Custodian. There were three archangels who possessed slightly lower power than the Creator. Their names are: Michael, Gabriel and Satan. Satan refused to do the will of the Creator and was deprived of an Archangel’s power. Since then in all cultures this angel is represented in dark clothes, unlike the bright garments of Michael and Gabriel.

So to whom is this monument on the central square in Kiev actually dedicated to, holding his raised sword symmetrically opposite to the pagan goddess?

The same person was the architect of both stela and Archangel

«Symbol of Lucifer»

«Emblem on the arch»

It appears there are three sculptures of the kind in the Kiev city center. One of them is in St. Michael’s Cathedral, and the other is in the St. Sophia’s Cathedral. The statues were finished in the 2000s despite a UNESCO ban…

3. The third symbol that is situated in the middle, between the custodian and the archangel, is THE GLOBE ON THE COLUME.

This symbol indicates an esoteric portal. It is a very recognizable symbol of the Masonic fraternity. In many cultures, a globe on a column means a passage into the unknown.

From many sources, we know that in the places of creation of a powerful Egregor, pyramids were always set up as a symbol of a spiritual temple.

We know about many pyramids, but who established a pyramid on the central square of Ukraine when a record number of people were gathered there? I doubt they did it just for look...

And there is another vivid example of the fact that the secret Orders held a very serious ritual of creation of the new Egregors during the events on Maidan.

«Unfinished tree on Maidan»

«Unfinished» Tower of Babylon

Everybody has seen the Maidan Christmas tree that has almost become a symbol of revolution. But only the chosen ones could know what this symbol really meant. Everybody who read the Bible, or is familiar with the biblical stories, knows that the Tower of Babylon caused the separation of nations. God divided the nations into many languages, and being unable to understand each other anymore, they stopped building the tower and separated into groups.

The Tower of Babylon as well as the Christmas tree on Maidan, since the very beginning, have been symbols of separatism. We also know that during the events on Maidan, a hanged man was found inside of the tree. A hanged man, according to a all the esoteric practices, stands for uncertainty and transition. Confirmation of all the above mentioned facts can be found on the internet.